We have developed a unique approach to enhance our client competitiveness by aligning them with the right local and international partners and reduce their risk by providing them with accurate and objective feedback about market demands and better lead qualifications. Our senior leadership team bring several years of international business development experience working with several companies to expand their global footprints in the Emerging Markets.

The success of any new venture is based on accurate information about the marketplace, the opportunities available, and the companies it will be working with. Global IMC guides its clients through the phases of assessing the market, all the way to establishing a full-fledged presence in a country. We locate projects and opportunities in the Emerging Markets, and advise on the best way to approach these opportunities.

Finding the right strategic partners for long term relationships is also vital. Global IMC can assist with screening and short-listing potential partners for our clients, maximizing the chances of developing successful and long-term relationship. It is vital to understand the cultural aspect of negotiations in the Emerging Markets, and we advise our clients on the necessary strategies to make it a win-win situation.

When the time comes for a company to establish their own presence in a country, Global IMC can assist with the set-up and formalities, ensuring that everything is done in accordance with the latest rules and regulations.

Global IMC will provide clients with integrated services to maximize their business opportunities in the Emerging Markets, ensuring that they enter these markets as competitively as possible, including:

  • Locating and advising on projects / investment opportunities
  • Market research
  • Pre-screening and short listing of potential partners, agents and distributors
  • Facilitating introductions to potential partners, agents and distributors
  • Assistance with local negotiations
  • Assistance when dealing with local government departments
  • Strategic planning
  • Business risk reduction strategies
  • Establishment of new entity