Global IMC developed an integrated approach for delivering a Government-wide e-Government program. Our approach consists of the following interlocked tracks proven to deliver tangible outcomes and benefits to government’s constituencies including citizens, businesses, residents, visitors, and government employees:

Strategy and Management:
• Define e-Gov Vision and Strategy
• Perform e-Gov Vision Gap Analysis
• Evaluate existing e-Gov Pilot(s)
• Define e-Gov Program
Business Model:
• Execute e-Gov Readiness Assessment
• Prioritize e-Gov e-Services
• Develop e-Services Plan
• Develop e-Gov KPI Scorecard
• Define e-Gov Business Model
• Identify e-Gov e-Services Candidates
Policy and Procedures:
• Develop e-Gov Communication Plan
• Analyze e-Gov e-Transaction Legal Issues
• Develop e-Gov Organizational Plan
• Develop e-Gov Risk Management Plan
• Develop Quality Assurance Plan
Information Technology:
• Define IT Strategy
• Define e-Gov Systems Architecture
• Define e-Gov Implementation Std
• Define e-Gov Operational Std
• Document e-Gov Operational Std
• Document RFP Templates